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Do you have what it takes?

- Complete as many challenges as you can to collect points.
- Challenges will have 3 levels of difficulties. See top left of each challenge.
       Level 1: Piece of cake.
            Level 2: How hard can it be?
                 Level 3: The word “impossible” really start to mean something to you.

The amount of points will reflect the levels accordingly.

- Some Challenges will allow you to team up. Each team member will get the same number of points based on the results.
- Once the self-isolation period is officially over. We would count all the points accumulated.

The winner for each challenge will be published under the respective challenge.

- If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on

These challenges are essentially made for you to have fun. Just do your best.


Points per level

Level 1       Level 2       Level 3
1st 10        1st 20        1st 30
2nd 8         2nd 16       2nd 28
3rd 6         3rd 14        3rd 26
4th 5         4th 12        4th 22
5th 4         5th 10        5th 20
6th 3         6th  8         6th 16
7th 2         7th  6         7th 14

From 8th place and lower will all get 1 point

Use the clues given to you to find all the objects.


To be submitted before the end of the Easter Break.

Results are:
1st  Elena     with 100% correct

2nd Ninlola   with   95% correct

3rd Naomie  with   95% correct

4th Lidwine  with   95% correct

5th Jesse     with   90% correct

6th Hannah  with   77% correct

(Level 1)

Challenge 1 

(Level 2)

Challenge 4

Can you become the Newbold ultimate quiz master?

Just use the link below to enter the quiz, answer correctly and as fast as you can to accumulate the greater amount of points.


Please make sure you let us know the nickname that have you have used.

You are can take the quiz maximum twice. 

All the best.

The quiz will close on Friday 15th of May 2020 at 20h00

Challenge 2

You will need to use all resources you can, a lot of ingenuity to identify all our Scarfs!!

Winner(s) Prizes:
The individual or teams who is able to identify the most scarfs will have their very own handcrafted Woggle.
BONUS Prize:
If you managed to identify all them, you will be guaranteed to have an amazing surprise at the investiture.
To be submitted before the end of Easter break


It was a very close result so close we had to count it twice.

CONGRATULATION to the team "Drummerz" who finished 1st place by scoring 26 points.
In second place we have Nicole with a score of 25 points.

(Level 3)

(Level 2)

Challenge 3

Please come quick, Francois the explorer need your help!!!

This challenge will end on Friday 15th of May 2020 at 20h.

Congratulation to everyone who managed to break the code. the answer was "Isaiah 41:10"

The winners are:
1st  Elena         3 codes correct
2nd Timothee    3 codes correct
3rd  Benjamin   3 codes correct   

4th  Olivia         3 codes correct
5th  Jonathan    3 codes correct
6th  Hannah      1 code correct
7th  Josuah       1 code correct
8th  Jesse         0 code correct

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