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About the Adventurer Bible Experience

The Adventurer Bible Experence, ABE, is a brand-new concept which was launched at the British Union Adventurer Camporee in 2018.  It was such a runaway success with all the clubs that participated, that there was no question of not continuing with it!  And so the ABE was firmly cemented in the Pathfinder Calendar! 

The concept is much the same as the PBE, but has been adjusted to allow for the younger ages of those participating.

Newbold Adventurers club is taking part of ABE 2022. The team is learning about the book of Ruth and 1 Kings 1-6


We have in total 4 competitions. 3 based in UK and 1 International. See below the upcoming test


Dates                                                                  Venues                             Result

Area Level 29th January 2022                                Reading Ghana                  1st

Conference Level 19th February 2022                     Newbold College                1st

Union Level 12th March 2022                                 Newbold College

Division Level (TED)  30th April 2022                       TBC

UPCOMING books to study the coming years

2021 - Hebrews, James, 1st & 2nd Peter
2022 - 1 Kings & Ruth
2023 - John
2024 - Joshua & Judges
2025 - Romans and 1 & 2 Corinthians
2026 - Isaiah (ch 1 - 46)
2027 - Isaiah (ch 47 - 66) & Mark

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